Ann (Love) Gardner

Class of 1972
Induction Year: 2023
Coached: Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball


Blackford High School  1972; Ball State 72-76 B.S.; and Masters 1980


Contributions to the field of athletics (for Coaches and Contributors):

Coached 33 years of my 34 years of teaching.  The one year that I didn’t I applied for an Eli Lilly physical education grant and was granted.

  • 27 years Middle School Track and 2 years High School Track
  • 11 years Middle School XC and 1 year High School XC
  • 7 years Middle School Volleyball
  • 8 years Middle School Basketball and 2 years High School assistant Basketball coach


List of Accomplishments, Awards and Recognitions both during and after high school:

  • Absolutely loved coaching middle school kids!!!
  •  Greatest thrill was winning the girls middle school county track championship and the 8th grade girls county basketball championship.
  • Coaching was the greatest gift to relating to my middle school kids in the classroom because a high majority of my students participated in one or more of the sports during the school year.